Update from the Inaugural Meeting --

The inaugural meeting of the Massachusetts Geological Society was held on June 4, 2015, at the offices of AECOM in Chelmsford, MA.  We had a great turnout, with approximately 60 people in attendance! 

The keynote speaker was Dr. Stephen Mabee, P.G., the Massachusetts State Geologist, whose presentation was entitled, "So Massachusetts Has a Geological Survey?"  After providing an historical overview of the Survey from its inception, Steve proceeded to describe the activities the Massachusetts Geological Survey has been engaged in since he took over the helm.  He closed the talk with his vision for the future of the Survey and what he sees as priorities moving forward.

The meeting concluded with a reminder that the organizing committee of the Massachusetts Geological Society hopes to make this a true grassroots organization, with inspiration and ideas for future activities coming from the membership.  If you are interested in having a role in shaping the Society's future, please contact the organizing committee at geoinfo@massgeosociety.org.  We are actively recruiting volunteers for multiple committees, including: Steering, Activities, Outreach, Membership, and Communications.  We hope all those with an interest in one or more of these activities will get involved, and if you have other ideas for what the Society can be doing, please let us know.